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Years Covered: 0-1984
Comics in the Order: 3,497
# of Titles: 70
# of Characters: 1,335
# of Groups: 29
Character in Most Issues: Scribbly
Group in Most Issues: Daily Star
Highest Rated Listing: Crack Comics #23 [A Story]
Lowest Rated Listing: All-American Comics (v1) #24 [C Story]

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Russ Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #21 [B Story]: Very fun arc, but I'm not sure what to think about Ma Hunkel not being fazed one bit about being referred to as a male. Still, the funniest Scribbly story so far in the Order. 3 stars
Russ Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #20 [C Story]: But how can Scribbly leave home if he can't see where he's going? 1 star
Russ Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #20 [B Story]: Dinky and Sisty almost had a "Home Alone" vibe going against those kidnappers. The debut of you-know-who left quite a bit to be desired, but it should be fun watching the newbie hero do her, I mean his, stuff. Whoever that is *wink*. 3 stars
Russ Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #19 [U Story]: Such language, kids! 1 star
Russ Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #19 [T Story]: I agree. The headliner is taking a back seat in his own feature now, in what's probably the funniest plot this series has had up to this point. Wouldn't surprise me if he gets phased out entirely soon. 3 stars
Russ Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #19 [A Story]: Kinda ho-hum. Green Lantern meets up with ordinary criminals, gets clocked with something wooden, then mops up. He's a good character but the formula's already getting old. 2 stars
owenneil Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #19 [T Story]: I've been skipping Scribbly, and only read this as the lead in to Red Tornado, but this is actually pretty good. Funny, cute, with a reasonable pacing and plot.
blueballs9 Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #19 [A Story]: Master of the fourth dimension? What is he moving to a time when the wall doesn't exit moving past it then going back? I didn't see that. I don't think the writers know what they're talking about. They possibly need a physics lesson. Or maybe I do.
thatsAgoodONE11 Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #9 [F Story]: We are getting closer and closer to the onslaught of war comics and if this is any indication of the quality of these types of stories, I won't be able to continue the DCRO. I know they won't be this bad, but boy was this rough.

Too much explanation for simple things, such as a plane sinking. We don't need all that dialogue when the illustrations do the job. The word count in this is way higher than most RWB stories in general.

I kind of liked the fighting in the dark when the character are portrayed as silhouettes, but the fight scene itself is lackluster at best.

On top of it all, Blooey didn't make me laugh once.

thatsAgoodONE11 Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #9 [F Story]: Yes, they were portraying them as yellow and clearly different from the white RWB crew.
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