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Years Covered: 0-1942
Comics in the Order: 2,420
# of Titles: 55
# of Characters: 1,260
# of Groups: 27
Character in Most Issues: Scribbly
Group in Most Issues: Daily Star
Highest Rated Listing: Batman (v1) #1 [B Story]
Lowest Rated Listing: Smash Comics (v1) #19 [N Story]

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Listings Read: 37,133 ListingsRated: 25,831
Listings Read (year): 27,132 Listings Rated (year): 19,357
Listings Read (month): 1,126 Listings Rated (month): 854
Listings Read (today): 0 Listings Rated (today): 0
Most Read Listings: Action Comics (v1) #1 [A Story] Most Rated Listings: Action Comics (v1) #1 [A Story]
Last Listings Read: Detective Comics (v1) #28 [A Story] Last Listings Rated: Detective Comics (v1) #28 [A Story]

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go2shaw Says:
Whiz Comics #24 [H Story]: Dear Ibis,

Thanks for an exciting 21 story run! I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. (This did wonders for my reading stats though!) I noticed your next run is over 1,000 stories away. I hope you will take this down time to re-evaluate some basic super hero "dos and don'ts". For starters, never, ever, EVER hand your Ibistick to anyone. This never ends well. Also, you need to figure out a way to maintain better control of the Ibistick. Adding something as simple as a leather strap would help tremendously.

Hope this helps! I look forward to reading your next adventure in about 8 months or so at my current reading rate.

Scaredevil Says:
Action Comics (v1) #12 [A Story]: Wait...what? I have no words. One of the stupidest comics I'be read so far.

Scaredevil Says:
Action Comics (v1) #11 [A Story]: starting to see the "reckless endangerment" and "asshole" argument against Superman now...sheesh.
Scaredevil Says:
Action Comics (v1) #10 [A Story]: Actually, I thought this was great. The ending was too short, but other than that, it deals with much tougher and more violent material than most comics coming out at the time. Unlike the "slums" ish, this had honest reporting skills included, using undercover surveillance in ways that real reporters did in their day. Its a wonderful and gritty issue, and not something I expected. 4/5
Scaredevil Says:
Action Comics (v1) #9 [A Story]: Fun little punchline story. Lois continues to be a tad uninteresting, bordering on annoying, but it doesn't subtract from this story much. The dynamic between Reilly and Snoop, or even Reilly and Kent was downright hilarious.
Ice Says:
Action Comics (v1) #12 [A Story]: Hearing Superman mention "the world war" in the singular was a little surreal.

Breaking into radio stations, busting down walls, assaulting people, destroying cars seemingly randomly, even tearing up an auto-plant while the workers run and hide, destroying road signs and trying to trick motorists into accidents, ... Superman a bad guy?

This one was weird! I mean, how in the heck is "Superman goes on a rampage and threatens people" a solution to a problem like "people don't drive safely"? Just strange!

I like that advertisement at the end, though. Who's this? Some kind of "Batguy"?
Shinderu Says:
Whiz Comics #21 [H Story]: Once again Taia has proven herself to be nothing but dead weight.
Locust75 Says:
The Funnies (v2) #6 [AD Story]: Does the brat brother grow up to be a villain???
ViolentPhlegm Says:
The Funnies (v2) #5 [AB Story]: William Gaines really got his introduction to the business from the fact that his father, Max, *invented* the comic book medium and was Sheldon Mayer's boss. This "reader" story idea was published just a couple weeks after they published the invite so it was probably too early to have received any actual mailed-in ideas.
niksteve70 Says:
The Funnies (v2) #5 [AB Story]: The idea for this strip was submitted by Bill Gaines who would be a writer, editor and publisher of popular EC Comics like Tales from the Crypt and Mad Magazine.
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