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Years Covered: 0-1972
Comics in the Order: 2,823
# of Titles: 56
# of Characters: 1,315
# of Groups: 29
Character in Most Issues: Scribbly
Group in Most Issues: Daily Star
Highest Rated Listing: Crack Comics #23 [A Story]
Lowest Rated Listing: America's Greatest Comics #2 [F Story]

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Listings Read: 40,052 ListingsRated: 27,646
Listings Read (year): 30,051 Listings Rated (year): 21,172
Listings Read (month): 1,794 Listings Rated (month): 1,225
Listings Read (today): 2 Listings Rated (today): 0
Most Read Listings: Action Comics (v1) #1 [A Story] Most Rated Listings: Action Comics (v1) #1 [A Story]
Last Listings Read: Sensation Comics (v1) #8 [A Story] Last Listings Rated: The Funnies (v2) #2 [AI Story]

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Nachtprophet Says:
Popular Comics #8 [T Story]: Not just The Daily Bugle, it's also a Mr. Parker making pictures for it!
jemsmck Says:
Flash Comics #12 [E Story]: One interesting thing to note is that usually, during this era, any character with an accent was automatically going to end up being the villain. It was nice to see that wasn't the case here.
shinderu Says:
More Fun Comics #82 [A Story]: So are these the same time pills and the same doctor the Flash already encountered or is it pure coincidence?
shinderu Says:
All-American Comics (v1) #41 [A Story]: Yeah, man. Screw those damn native Americans for trying to preserve their culture! They all need to become REAL Americans, build factories (or maybe Casinos?) and become christians!

...I hate bad winners.
shinderu Says:
Leading Comics #3 [A Story]: I think that judging someone who lived in times when democracy was as alive as the dinosaurs for being a dictator is pretty stupid.
Also, I didn't know Tintin wanted to go to sea when he was a kid.
thatsAgoodONE11 Says:
Popular Comics #8 [T Story]: The Daily Bugle? Is this the earliest Marvel/DC crossover?

Russ Says:
Popular Comics #9 [N Story]: I think Sheldon Mayer was projecting his possible future. Could a cartoonist in the 1930s, even the most successful one, be earning enough money to afford a chauffeur?

3 stars. Best joke in the Scribbly series so far, but they really should be calling the police by now. Or maybe the Clock.
Locust75 Says:
More Fun Comics #17 [E Story]: 3 stars for Aragorn calling upon the Dead men of Dunharrow to save the day!!!

Retreat - Last issue Koth had an advanced army with tanks and planes. Now it's just a cavalry!!

Direct Currents - "It's too late! You've lost and you know it!"-Dr. Occult
Cinnamongreen13 Says:
More Fun Comics #9 [AC Story]: Sadly the end to this story was almost lost to bad scans. From what I can make out, the Master Vampire use a machine called the Thought Materializer to create copy's of himself. He wasted Ms Amster his partner as the copy's had no soul. Hearing this, copy Ms Amsters stabbed the Master Vampire. I don't know where she came from though as its too hard to read.

Interesting first story but greatly suffered being limited to only 3 pages.
Neskit Says:
Action Comics (v1) #8 [A Story]: Was this issue the start of the super hearing?
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