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1:  What is DCRO

DCRO is the DC Comics Reading Order, and it's goal is to order all of DC comics in a single reading order. It's important to note that this is a reading order, and not a chronological order. While the books are put in more or less chronologically, one of the the rules for order (more on that in a min) is that a book isn't more than a year and a half past other books from the same time frame. The goal is to have the events form issues flow in a way that makes sense, so if an event or comic is referenced in one issue, you have already read the comic being referenced. The Order also tries and keep all the characters where they should be.

This is first and foremost a community project. No one person can put all this stuff together. If you see anything wrong with the order, out of place, or needing a change….let us know.

2:  Why not just read in the order they were published?

While this order does follow closely to a published order, and that works fine in the early days of comics, once you get story lines that take multiple issues to complete, reading comics by publishing order doesn't quite work.

It comes off as a bit confusing to read part 1 of this Batman story story, part 2 of a Superman story, then say a stand alone Plastic Man story before going back and reading part 2 of the Batman story. That is the main goal of this order, to allow you to read comics in the way they were intended by also in an order that is readable (so story lines are intact and characters are in as good a place as we can place them). We also try and take pacing and readability into account when placing comics from the same time period, of course after continuity and story lines are accounted for.

3:  Aren't there already chronological orders out there?

Yep. There are several of them in fact. But that is not what this project is. While chronology and continuity have a place here, it is trumped by readability (you will find many chronological orders break single issues up by page) and by intent of the writer (no mixing comics written 40 years apart because one is a flashback). Chronological orders have their place, and are great tools, but for me it isn't how I want to read comics. This order is about reading, not just listing.

4:  Why Don't You Have [Fill in the Blank]?
Whatever you can't find, either it's there, or I missed it (which is likely, honestly). Head to the forums and let me know what I missed, and we can figure out how to fix the problem and get the item listed. Keep in mind the comics are going into the system in a more or less chronological fashion, so if you see comics being added from the 1970s, the reason you can't find that issue from 2002 is we haven't gotten there yet. There are tens of thousands of comics in the DC universe, so it's going to take some time to get the all in here.
5:  Submitting Content
User contributed content is always wanted, needed, appreciated, and loved. However, to keep there are a few guidelines to the the type of content we are looking for.
    Comments: Comments are more or less free game, express your views on a particular issue, story arc, character, reply to the thoughts of others, or just make observations. The only 2 hard guidelines for comments are:
      1. No flaming or attacking other commenters. Disagreeing and debating is fine but it should not devolve into personal attacks.
      2. As this is an all ages site, please keep the profanity to a most a pg-13 level.
    Reviews:These should be fully thought out and complete reviews. Take a look at some of the reviews in the News & Reviews part of the site to see the quality that is desired. If the review is one or two sentences, it might be more appropriate as a comment rather then a full issue review. Submitted reviews that pass muster will also be featured in the News & Reviews part of the site. Reviews will be edited before pushed live for grammar, spelling, and punctation.
    Synopsis:Issue Synopsis should be complete descriptions of everything that happens in the issue. It does not have to be panel by panel, but there should be enough information for someone checking the synopsis to have a complete understanding of all notable events in the comic. If a review is one or two short paragraphs, it is probably not complete enough to be used. Do not worry about spoilers, synopsis are by their very nature spoilers. Also, leave comments or thoughts on quality of story or art out of synopsis, it is a strict presentation of events. For thoughts and comments, these are more appropriate for reviews or comments.
    Blurbs: Blurbs are brief teasers for the issue. They should be short and spoiler free while still giving a sense of what the issue is about. These are similar to the back of a book or inside dust cover.
    Suggestions & Questions: This is for anything that is wrong on the issue. Missing or incorrect character and group listings, if a read online option is available from marvel but is not listed, if a creator is wrong, if the issue is in the wrong place, or something else similar to this. When submitting a correction, please include information on what should be done to fix the listing (add this character, move this issue to be after this other issue, etc). If there is a question, it should be sent in an e-mail or in the forums, as there is no way to respond directly to the person who submitted the suggestion. Please be clear in your suggestions. Mention the full name of missing people, put in the correct title if it is wrong, etc.
    Trade/Collection Suggestions: If this book is included in a trade publication or other collected work that might be easier for readers to find then the original issue, it can be suggested here. Make sure to include enough information so the trade publication can be identified.
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