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  Order: #320  

Action Comics (v1) #14 [A Story]

"Superman Meets the Ultra-Humanite"
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Action Comics (v1) #14 [A Story]
Universe:   Earth-Two 
Editor: Vincent Sullivan
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Penciler: Joe Shuster
Cover Artist : Fred B. Guardineer
Cover Date : July 1939
On Sale Date: June 1939
Story Arc: -
Pages: 13
Cover Price : $0.10
Users Read: 72 Users Rated: 47
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Superman looks into a construction company that may have used faulty materials and workmanship to construct a crumbling subway system. Is this also one of the Ultra-Humanite's endeavors to gain power?
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Superman last appeared in Superman (v1) #1 [E Story]. Superman next appears in Action Comics (v1) #15 [A Story].

Supporting Characters
  Ultra-Humanite last appeared in Action Comics (v1) #13 [A Story]. Ultra-Humanite next appears in Action Comics (v1) #17 [A Story].

Other Characters
  City Inspector Hughes First Appearance
  This is City Inspector Hughes's only appearance.

  George Taylor
  George Taylor last appeared in Superman (v1) #1 [A Story]. George Taylor next appears in Action Comics (v1) #15 [A Story].

  Mr. Lyons First Appearance
  This is Mr. Lyons's only appearance.

Group Appearances
Daily Star
Daily Star last appeared in Action Comics (v1) #1 [A Story]. Daily Star next appears in Action Comics (v1) #15 [A Story].
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  There are no notes for this issue.

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  kobra2224 Says:    
  2017-11-19 05:17:21  
  They could have find a better name for the villain but story wasn't bad.  

  Russ Says:    
  2018-01-10 21:21:43  
  So, if that piece of wall crumbled like dust because Superman squeezed it, how does he know that material was inferior? He's super-strong! All material is inferior to him!

In all seriousness though, the Superman-Ultra-Humanite rematch was a little disappointing. The story itself wasn't bad, but it was nearly a repeat of last issue. Just swap in the corner-cutting construction company (fancy alliteration might be partially intended) in place of the cab racket and you've got issue #14's story. Honestly, for a brainy scientist with lofty ambitions, this guy isn't real creative with his plans; so far, it's just been half-baked organized crime ploys. Ultra, you gotta think big! But if there's a bright side to this story, it's that Ultra does seem to have the firepower to give Superman fits for a little while at least.

3 stars, but I think that's a little generous considering what Jerry and Joe gave us this time out. C'mon guys, you're blazing a trail here and gave us a super-villain worthy enough to take on the most powerful being on Earth. What's the next move, fellas?

  thatsAgoodONE11 Says:    
  2018-01-29 22:25:17  
  There is nothing special about this story, with one exception that I will get to below. Superman saves someone from a train, catches bad guys, and forces them to write out their confessions. (Why are these coerced written confessions admissible in a court of law anyway?)

However, just the inclusion of Ultra Humanite for a second straight issue is promising. Although I think he isn't worthy enough (sorry Russ) to take on Superman, I have faith that he will improve. This is good for comics, that a recurring baddie is evolving in the grandaddy of superhero comics. Sure, we've had the Tigress over on Zatara (in the same book), but this is Superman we're talking about. The recurring villain concept is something that will permeate throughout all of the rest of the superhero stories, and for this I am grateful for the lame Ultra Humanite. Here's to becoming more sinister, Ultra.


  mrtc2003 Says:    
  2018-02-01 12:10:20  
  While I appreciate that, in the Ultra-Humanite, we finally have a villain who can at least challenge Superman to a certain extent, I am a bit at a loss to understand how he plans to take over the world with a dodgy cab company and some faulty building materials. Hes not exactly Lex Luther.  

  ScottG12 Says:    
  2018-04-30 12:43:43  
  It's fine. I like that Ultra is the first Super villain, but he hasn't impressed me so far. He's just been shoehorned into the last 3 pages of two stories in a row and it doesn't gel well. But it's not bad.  

  avshy933 Says:    
  2018-06-02 09:23:42  
  how does a wheelchair bound man escape using a parachute?  

  Allencthulhu Says:    
  2018-06-24 10:03:18  
  Actually...he is Luther. Lex begins by working for Ultra and had a mop of red hair. Then a letterer made a mistake and gave all of Ultra's lines to Luthor and...bam, bald Luthor appears.

Ah, yes, DC super scientist villains start to make their appearances. Ultra, Dr. Death, Hugo Strange...

Three stars because I like the Ultra-Humanite.

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