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  Order: #2071  

All-Flash Quarterly #3 [A Story]

"The Adventure of the Duplicate Faces"
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All-Flash Quarterly #3 [A Story]
Universe:   Earth-Two 
Editor: Maxwell Charles Gaines
Writer: Gardner F. Fox
Penciler: Everett E. Hibbard
Cover Artist : Everett E. Hibbard
Cover Date : December 1941
On Sale Date: November 1941
Story Arc: -
Pages: 52
Cover Price : $0.10
Users Read: 9 Users Rated: 7
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Flash last appeared in Big 3 #7 [E Story]. Flash next appears in Military Comics #7 [H Story].

Supporting Characters
  Joan Williams
  Joan Williams last appeared in Big 3 #7 [E Story]. Joan Williams next appears in Crack Comics #22 [T Story].

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  kent18 Says:    
  2018-05-14 02:10:17  
  After the endless ordeal that was ALL-FLASH #2, I'll admit I approached this latest issue with some trepidation... but this time, the results were far more entertaining and worthwhile. Fox's lengthy (if somewhat episodic) script, "Adventure of the Duplicate Faces," boasts enough clever high points -- such as the island of hateful pseudo-centaurs, for instance -- to make this a satisfying read overall, even if certain story elements wilt and wither under closer examination. (e.g., just how *did* a medical doctor manage to lay hands on an atomic submarine, anyway...?)

In any event, it holds your attention all the way through, tongue firmly planted in cheek from beginning to end. Four stars.

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