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  Order: #517  

Thrilling Comics (v1) #3 [B Story]

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Thrilling Comics (v1) #3 [B Story]
Universe:   Earth-2058 
Cover Date : April 1940
On Sale Date: February 1940
Story Arc: -
Pages: 10
Cover Price : $0.10
Users Read: 10 Users Rated: 8
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  The Ghost First Appearance
  The Ghost next appears in Thrilling Comics (v1) #4 [B Story].

Supporting Characters
  Tanko First Appearance
  This is Tanko's only appearance.

  Trask First Appearance
  This is Trask's only appearance.

Other Characters
  Edward Glenn First Appearance
  This is Edward Glenn's only appearance.

  John Avery First Appearance
  This is John Avery's only appearance.

  Leonard Van First Appearance
  This is Leonard Van's only appearance.

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  kent18 Says:    
  2018-03-25 04:17:01  
  1.) The Ghost, in his human guise, weirdly resembles the young Bing Crosby. I kept expecting him to break out in a soulful croon, every other page.

2.) If the mystic yogis of India can all wield this omnipotent level of magic, shouldn't they be ruling all of time and space right about now...? ;)

  Neskit Says:    
  2018-05-10 09:17:51  
  So now we have another magician in the order..  

  LarryE Says:    
  2018-07-13 18:01:02  
  This new character doesn't change my low opinion of Golden Age mages.  

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