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Years Covered: 0-1941
Comics in the Order: 1,464
# of Titles: 41
# of Characters: 611
# of Groups: 18
Character in Most Issues: Scribbly
Group in Most Issues: Daily Star
Highest Rated Listing: Batman (v1) #1 [B Story]
Lowest Rated Listing: Startling Comics #5 [A Story]

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Listings Read: 22,010 ListingsRated: 14,726
Listings Read (year): 11,999 Listings Rated (year): 8,245
Listings Read (month): 3,352 Listings Rated (month): 2,817
Listings Read (today): 689 Listings Rated (today): 680
Most Read Listings: Action Comics (v1) #1 [A Story] Most Rated Listings: Action Comics (v1) #1 [A Story]
Last Listings Read: Popular Comics #6 [Y Story] Last Listings Rated: Crack Comics #12 [R Story]

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go2shaw Says:
Master Comics #7 [A Story]: So Bulletman manages to loose that stupid scarf from his costume somewhere between the cover and the first page, only to be taken out by a chloroform soaked scarf! Ironical? Perhaps...
kent18 Says:
Crack Comics #9 [P Story]: Nowhere nearly as interesting as the title would otherwise lead one to believe,
go2shaw Says:
Detective Comics (v1) #44 [E Story]: I think Speed was channeling his inner "Dirty Harry" this issue...

Oh, and I've watched plenty of WWE in my day. That was NO drop kick on the last page buddy. Just sayin'...
go2shaw Says:
Detective Comics (v1) #44 [D Story]: I think this might be the first costume with a "fin" cowl. Am I right? Glad he eventually looses the cape...
go2shaw Says:
Detective Comics (v1) #44 [A Story]: Holy Gulliver's Travels Batman!
Locust75 Says:
More Fun Comics #13 [R Story]: 3 stars for Mrs. Daniels turning men into wolves...the same power that every hot woman has!!!

Shut Up Westley - @Cinnamongreen13: At first Westley didn't know who turned him into a werewolf, and Mrs. Daniels thought he was still under her control. Also, last issue it was just Westly.

Running With The Pack - I do like the black robes and hoods with pointy ears!

Direct Currents - "This will be painles--at first!"-Mrs. Daniels the Wolf Whisperer
JWC Says:
Detective Comics (v1) #20 [J Story]: Bananas. I liked it. Two highlights stuck out for me. The first is Shorty leaving because this story is too silly for him. The second is Slam giving up his magic practice because punching is better.
Ice Says:
Detective Comics (v1) #20 [J Story]: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It's like Siegel didn't realize he was supposed to be writing a Slam Bradley story!

Slam went from apparently pulling his friend out of a hat to invisibility and teleportation pretty quick too...
Cinnamongreen13 Says:
Detective Comics (v1) #20 [J Story]: This issue seems like it was a story written for Zatara rather then Slam Bradley. Unless it's explained why he became Zatara 2.0, I will have to rate this 1 star.
thatsAgoodONE11 Says:
More Fun Comics #26 [I story]: Wow, this is very similar to Dr. Strange stories that Marvel will be producing in about 25-30 years.

Maybe it is the quality of stories around this in the Order, but I really liked this. The mentioning of astral bodies and the artwork in the Ether-World is creative. Not a great story, but cool concepts.

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