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Years Covered: 1935-1941
Comics in the Order: 1,011
# of Titles: 31
# of Characters: 211
# of Groups: 17
Character in Most Issues: Scribbly
Group in Most Issues: Daily Star
Highest Rated Listing: Batman (v1) #1 [B Story]
Lowest Rated Listing: Whiz Comics #9 [A Story]

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Listings Read: 13,674 ListingsRated: 8,134
Listings Read (year): 3,642 Listings Rated (year): 1,651
Listings Read (month): 3,642 Listings Rated (month): 1,651
Listings Read (today): 117 Listings Rated (today): 112
Most Read Listings: Action Comics (v1) #1 [A Story] Most Rated Listings: New Fun Comics #6 [M Story]
Last Listings Read: Detective Comics (v1) #8 [A Story] Last Listings Rated: Detective Comics (v1) #8 [A Story]

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Shinderu Says:
Action Comics (v1) #29 [I Story]: I am so tired of Zatara...
Ice Says:
Flash Comics #2 [D Story]: "Call me an ambulance, will you?"
"You're an ambulance!"

Ok. This silly series is starting to grow on me. But, yeah. I'm thinking the gag can only really work for so long. I mean, how many times can you accidentally say "Say you" before you figure it out?
Ice Says:
Flash Comics #3 [F Story]: As soon as I read "The King" has been "HOUNDING" Barton on the first page, I thought I'd make an Elvis Presley joke, then I realized Elvis was only about 5 years old when this hit the market!

I wonder if The King ever read any comics.
Ice Says:
Flash Comics #3 [A Story]: Flash is an interesting book. I'm not all that intrigued by Jay or the other characters. The writing and art are all only "ok" at best, but his powers are just so interesting that I'm still really into it.

I wonder how that dynamic will change over the next few decades!
Shinderu Says:
Flash Comics #10 [A Story]: I'm honestly not a big fan of Original Flash. The stories involving him feel like 95% him boasting and other people being amazed at his speed and 5% actual story...
Shinderu Says:
Batman (v1) #1 [B Story]: Such a cool villain right from the beginning.
Shinderu Says:
Flash Comics #2 [D Story]: “Call me an ambulance” got me. I fear this series will get old really quickly though.
go2shaw Says:
Flash Comics #1 [G Story]: This is probably my least favorite story so far. I'm not sure if the art is throwing me off or if it's the writing. Either way, very tempted to skip these going forward.
jemsmck Says:
Action Comics (v1) #16 [A Story]: Is this the first time they call the city Metropolis?
go2shaw Says:
Smash Comics (v1) #2 [H Story]: If my costume was that ugly, I would want to be invisible too...
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